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Phenic Natural Skincare


Increased number of followers 137% in just 3 months

By monitoring the performance of our posts, engaging consistently with users that fall within their ideal customer persona, collaborating with influencers, leveraging the exposure of almost twenty different press features, and building a story around Phenic’s brand, we were able to successfully drive their mission to and build relationships with beauty lovers around the country!


Phenic Natural Skincare, co-founded by Alexandra Haigis and Sophia El-Hayek, is a clean, all-natural skincare company that creates the majority of its products using squalane oil.

Inspired by a recipe that was passed down by Sophia’s grandmother in Lebanon, Phenic develops various organic, natural, and cruelty-free products for individuals who care about not only their skincare but also the environment and the world.

Targeting consumers located in various major US cities and aged between 14-35, this brand is passionate about providing others with high-quality yet affordable skincare products.


After successfully launching at Beautycon, Phenic was ready to hit the ground running and build their brand.

Alexandra and Sophia quickly realized that what set them apart from other beauty companies was their incorporation of squalane oil into their products. Although this ingredient comes with many uses and benefits, most companies have not yet discovered it–and that’s where Phenic comes in.

Seeing this as an opportunity for differentiation and growth, Phenic sought to establish themselves as one of the forerunners to this soon-to-be trending ingredient and convert consumers to adding its products into their skincare routine.


Keeping their eyes on the prize of fostering credibility and increasing online growth, Phenic Natural Skincare became a client of Dash of Social just six months after their launch as they prepared for their next big showcase: Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles.

Knowing that their ideal audience falls within Generations Y and Z, we decided to specifically focus on Instagram and aimed to achieve these three main goals…

  • Positioning Phenic as an educational and expert resource for individuals who are new to simple and clean skincare
  • Highlighting and demonstrating the use and qualities of their products to build trust
  • Reaching and engaging target customers within almost 20 different major US cities for awareness and conversion

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