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"Ashley has been an excellent resource to our team — her knowledge of social media strategies, along with her ability to execute those strategies, has helped us organically grow both of our LinkedIn and Twitter followings and engagements exponentially. From ideation, to copywriting, to scheduling, Ashley can really do it all. She comes to the table with fresh ideas for social media content, she’s very punctual and organized, and she’s an absolute pleasure to work with. We can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and the successes we’ve seen across our social media!"
Andrea D’Mello Senior B2B Marketing Manager

What is Vial?

Vial is a next-generation CRO that delivers faster and cheaper trials through an end-to-end technology platform. Founded on a mission to reimagine clinical trials and deliver faster and more efficient trials for sponsors, Vial’s curiosity propels them to keep building, finding new challenges, and fulfilling their vision.

Why did they come to us?

As a very quickly growing startup that just received a significant amount of funding, Vial had several moving parts that were in need of outside support. Additionally, at this time, Vial was just about to launch its first-ever CRO for dermatology and knew they needed a partner who could capitalize on and leverage all of the online buzz that would happen from the press release.

How did we help them?

Vial brought on Dash of Social® to originally manage their LinkedIn company page, while adding on the management of their Twitter account soon after. As their news, launches, and content was often released in the moment, they were in need of a partner who could work with them in real time and publish social posts as their initiatives were happening. By setting up a Slack channel, we were able to quickly integrate with their team and easily collaborate on a content strategy.

We helped Vial with:

Growing their LinkedIn company page by nearly 7,500 followers
Bringing awareness to their launches and announcements, including their CROs, advisory board members, podcast, white papers, blog posts, and more
Forming a clear communication process with Vial team members that allowed us to streamline our content creation plan
Building connections on LinkedIn through strategic outreach and community involvement
Encouraging cross-promotion and amplification of content with key stakeholders through strategic and relevant tagging within posts for additional exposure

During this time, Vial was able to devote their time to other projects that required their attention while ensuring that their social media presence was consistent, valuable, and up-to-date.

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