Hey there! I’m Ashley, the founder of Dash of Social.

If you’ve come here to put your marketing strategy in the hands of professionals that you know you can trust, you’re in the right place.


My team and I work with business owners like yourself to create and execute results-driven marketing strategies that build awareness, establish thought leadership, and drive website traffic so that people know who you are, and most importantly, why they should purchase your product, hire you for your services, or get involved in your organization.

What makes Dash of Social the company that you should hire to achieve those results, then?

To put it simply: I’ve been living and breathing marketing since 2012, when I was 15 (yes, 15!) years old.

After having a big love for writing my entire life, I decided to start a fashion and lifestyle blog at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. I treated that blog as if it was a part-time job and spent at least 15-20 hours per week planning my content, creating the content, and trying to get myself “known” to achieve the goal of making money from my blog. I’ve always been super entrepreneurial-minded with long-term plans to have my own business, so thinking, “How can I use this thing to make money?” was natural for me.

There was just one thing that was stopping me: I realized that I was spending all this time on my blog just for only my family to be seeing and commenting on my posts. (Can you relate?)

After thinking about what I could do to actually get my blog seen in front of the right people at the right time, I realized that social media would be the answer.

And now this is where my journey really begins…

Until that point, I had only used social media personally, but now I started thinking about how I could use it professionally to grow my blog. I got my hands on all of the blog posts, webinars, and workshops I could find to really teach myself the ins and outs of social media for business and applied what I learned to the social media accounts I created for my blog.

The results? More followers, more comments on my blog posts, more website traffic, and because of all of that, more brand partnerships.

I worked with various companies through paid partnerships on my blog, but the more companies I worked with, the more I realized that these companies barely had a social media presence, if any at all. After seeing the possibilities of growing a brand through social media from my own experience, and starting to become more and more intrigued by marketing and wanting to help these companies out, I offered pro bono marketing services to these companies to develop marketing strategies, handle influencer campaigns, and manage their social media profiles. This led me to accepting casual freelance gigs here and there by the time I was 17 (not what you’d expect for a senior in high school, I know!)... and after years of knowing I wanted to own a business one day but having no clue what that business would be, I had an epiphany: I wanted to own a marketing agency.

ashley mason -88

There was just one little problem: society doesn’t exactly encourage you to start a business at a young age, so I thought that I had to go to college, get my degree, build up a successful 20+ year career at a big marketing agency, and then go off and start my own agency.

That was until my mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme — Grade IV brain cancer — in January 2016, when I was only a freshman in college.

Her diagnosis made me realize that life is short, and we don’t have as much time as we think we do to follow our dreams, so the best time to go after what we want is now — and I did. I launched Dash of Social in September 2016, when I was a 19-year-old sophomore in college, and worked hard to be able to take it full-time when I graduated in May 2019...

And this is what I’ve been doing ever since, which I could never imagine changing.

The point of this story: I love what I do, I’ve worked hard to be able to do what I do, I’m good at what I do, and I want to help you build awareness of what you love to do, too.

Whether you…


Have no time to manage your marketing efforts in-house


Don’t know what you’re doing with your marketing and therefore feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that it sticks


Despise marketing and everything that goes into it (I promise I won’t be offended — I actually hear this all time!)

Or maybe even a mix of the three, you’ve come to the right place. Myself and my team, who I’ve taught every single thing that I know about marketing and who loves Dash of Social clients just as I do, are here for you

It all starts with requesting a call with me so I can learn who you are and what you do, which will lead to developing a plan of how the Dash of Social team can step in and support you.

Speaking of our team… meet the fantastic, talented, and dedicated women behind Dash of Social!

Alyssa Ray

Alyssa Ray

Marketing Associate
Laramie Otto

Laramie Otto

Marketing Associate

Katie Holtshouser

Marketing Associate
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