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Law Mom

"I’m thrilled to share my positive experience with Dash of Social®! Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise in social media is top-notch, and I can’t recommend them enough. They are not only easy to work with but also incredibly thorough. Communication has been excellent, and the feedback they provide is truly valuable. Dash of Social® made the process so smooth and efficient. Their efforts have undeniably contributed to driving revenue for our firm, which is a fantastic result. Moreover, the owner’s honesty and fairness in all dealings is something that I truly appreciate. If you’re in need of social media company, Dash of Social® is the way to go. They’ve certainly made a significant impact on our business including brand awareness and revenue increases!"
Samantha Allen Founder of Law Mom

What is Law Mom?

Law Mom is an estate and business planning law firm based in Duxbury, MA. After attorney and Law Mom founder Samantha Allen almost lost her life following the birth of her son, with no estate plan in place, she realized just how important it was to have an estate plan to protect and care for those who you love should something ever happen to you.

Her experience not only encouraged her and her husband to put together their estate plan immediately but it also inspired her to help other families do the same. Sam launched Law Mom in May 2020, originally offering only estate planning, and expanded her firm’s services just one year later to include business planning services as well.

Why did they come to us?

Five months after launching Law Mom, Sam quickly realized that marketing her firm, running the business, and being a mom and wife became a lot to juggle. Having a background in marketing herself, it was important for her to work with an agency who would understand her voice, have a good grasp of the local South Shore community, and accurately tell her story.

How did we help them?

We originally kicked off our work with Law Mom by managing their Facebook page. Just two months into working together, Sam was so happy with our deliverables that she increased her scope of work with us to include management of Law Mom’s Instagram account and Sam’s personal LinkedIn profile as well.

Due to Sam being a lifelong resident of the South Shore and a mom, we strategized on and developed a variety of content that focused on sharing Sam’s story of Wes’ birth, and later, his diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, which required Special Needs Planning. This content struck a chord with many local moms, building Sam’s credibility and influencing new clients to consult with Law Mom about putting together an estate plan for their families.

Through our work together with Law Mom, we were able to increase their Facebook page likes by 212.96% and their Instagram followers by 98.78% by publishing value-driven content, engaging with relevant Instagram users who fell within Law Mom’s ideal client persona, and interacting in local Facebook groups.

We helped Law Mom with:

Law Mom expanded from solo attorney Sam Allen to a full team, including bringing on another full-time attorney.
They exhibited at and sponsored a variety of family-focused events throughout the South Shore in addition to hosting their own in-person and virtual workshops about estate planning, which often sold out.
They purchased an office space in downtown Duxbury that includes an event room to continue to increase their visibility and serve the local community.

Having worked with us for a number of years now, Law Mom’s success shows how a consistent strategy, personalization of your content, and community involvement all play a large role in bringing your business to the next level.

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