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National Community Development Association

"We knew we needed an active presence on social media but with a small staff we didn’t have time to commit to the task. We were also looking for an affordable solution. Ashley Mason and her company, Dash of Social®, came to the rescue by providing a social media marketing plan at an economical price. Ashley helps us achieve our marketing goals through social media by developing a monthly calendar that includes consistent posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Since we started working with Ashley, we’ve seen a considerable increase in social media followers, responses, event attendance, and member engagement. Ashley has helped us build credibility and be at the forefront over other organizations in our field."
Vicki Watson Executive Director

What is National Community Development Association?

The National Community Development Association (NCDA) is a non-partisan national nonprofit association of more than 500 local governments across the country that administer federally-supported community development, affordable housing, and economic development programs through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This organization:

  • Provides timely, direct information and training to its members on federal housing and community development programs
  • Serves as a national clearinghouse of ideas for federal policy makers on pertinent issues affecting its membership
  • Gives HUD CPD grantees the necessary knowledge and skills to become more effective and dynamic community development administrators

Why did they come to us?

As a nonprofit, it can be difficult to ensure that the marketing is taken care of when there are so many balls to juggle in the air. After an NCDA board member understandably could no longer manage the social media profiles due to all of the other responsibilities on their plate, the organization realized they needed a partner who could effectively convey the right messaging while collaborating with key stakeholders to deliver timely and relevant content.

How did we help them?

We began working with the NCDA to originally manage their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts, before making the change from Twitter to Instagram about a year into our work together.

With more than 500 members of the NCDA, there is an ample amount of opportunities to connect and collaborate with these local governments to cross-promote and feature the incredible work they’re doing in the community development space. We quickly started our work with the NCDA right before their annual National Community Development Week, taking a huge weight off their shoulders during that busy time.

Through our work together, we’ve supported the NCDA in a variety of ways:

We helped National Community Development Association with:

We acted as a liaison between the organization and its members that allowed us to gather content to feature the members and their remarkable work on our social media channels.
We highlighted the behind-the-scenes of several in-person conferences and workshops to leverage the excitement of attendees and their engagement online during that time.
We amplified their members’ content through organizational campaigns and initiatives, helping to promote and demonstrate the importance of their work.
We brought awareness to their various workshops and courses to encourage registration and explain the benefits.

The NCDA has been able to effectively communicate with their current members and potential members to showcase everything that’s happening within the organization while demonstrating the importance of getting involved. As the board member who was previously managing the social media shared with us, “It’s everything I envisioned but just didn’t have the time to do.”

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