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Peabody TV

"I wholeheartedly endorse Ashley Mason and Dash of Social® to any non-profit organization looking to harness the power of social media. From the beginning, Ashley took the time to listen to our goals, and then crafted a tailored social media strategy that aligned perfectly with our vision. Her attention to detail and engaging content have elevated our organization’s presence."
Camille Bartlett Executive Director of Peabody TV
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What is Peabody TV?

Peabody TV is a nonprofit community media center serving residents of Peabody, MA and beyond. Their mission is to provide the space and tools for their local community to transform thoughts and ideas into publicly available media. Peabody TV aspires to be the go-to resource for digital media creation where everyone in their community has access to the right tools, education, and delivery platform to tell their story.

Why did they come to us?

With a small team who frequently juggles several outstanding live tapings of various events and programs throughout the Peabody area, social media has become something that is difficult to keep up with. However, as many of these live tapings get streamed on Facebook and YouTube, it was crucial for Peabody TV to have an active and engaged social media presence to support this streaming content. Additionally, Peabody TV had collected hundreds of email addresses of their members and clients but had not yet started using email marketing to nurture those individuals.

How did we help them?

Peabody TV partnered with Dash of Social® to manage their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn presence as well as oversee their monthly newsletter campaigns. By collaborating with Peabody TV staff members, we were able to incorporate timely events and news into their marketing strategy, ensuring plenty of promotion for their offers.

We helped Peabody TV with:

Delivering external communications to key stakeholders within the community
Promoting their weekly production schedules to alert community members of upcoming programs
Monitoring comments and messages from their audience to respond to inquiries and questions about filming
Highlighting several initiatives involved with the City of Peabody
Showcasing Peabody TV’s “for hire” work with nonprofits and businesses throughout Peabody

With so much content to share, our work with Peabody TV allowed them to effectively communicate the latest happenings within the city to their audience. Rather than staff members adding marketing onto their plate, they were able to focus on their production work.

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