Why You Should Use A Social Media Content Calendar

If one of your goals for your biz in 2017 is to step up your social media game, a content calendar is where you need to start. I use a content calendar for both myself + my clients – and the outcome of using one has been amazing! If you’re unconvinced as to why you should be using one too, look into the reasons below.

You know what’s being posted each day.
With a content calendar, you’re able to clearly see what’s being posted each day. This ensures that you’re switching up the type of content you’re posting, when you’re posting, and where you’re posting.

It makes it easy to collaborate with team members.
If you’re working on social media with team members, using one content calendar that everyone has access to makes things much easier. You can all see content that is already planned, and if you want to change or add something, you can! Everyone can contribute their ideas onto one platform instead of having multiple documents for the same idea.

All posts are in one place when using different programs.
I use Viraltag to schedule posts for Twitter and Facebook and Later to schedule posts for Instagram. Having to open both programs at once to see what’s scheduled is a pain. By having all posts on one calendar, I’m able to see everything that’s being posted – whether I’m using multiple scheduling programs or not.

I’ll be honest: I’ve tried many, many, many different forms of content calendars from planners to Google docs. You name it, I’ve used it! BUT, I found that nothing worked for me – which is why I decided to create my own template shown above. And because it has helped me so much, I want to share it with all of you! You can now get a FREE social media content calendar for the 1st quarter of 2017 just by clicking the button below!

What are your reasons for using (or not using!) a social media content calendar?

Affiliate disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but I only promote brands that I personally use and love. All opinions are 100% my own.

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