Why You Should Use A Social Media Content Calendar

When people sign up to receive our social media content calendar, their mind is blown at how helpful it is. And when we share it with clients after planning their content for the month, they love seeing everything laid out and organized.

Flying by the seat of your pants is acceptable in some parts of life, but it isn’t acceptable with your marketing. You get the best results when you’re strategic with your marketing, and that includes being thoughtful with your social media content rather than posting as you go.

Here’s why using a social media content calendar is crucial.

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It ensures you have consistent content.

When you write posts day by day rather than planning in advance, the chances of you actually following through on that content is slim. And here’s why: it’s easy for business (and life) to get in the way of things. So when your day is just so busy that all of a sudden you look at your computer and realize it’s 4:30 pm and you didn’t even have time to eat lunch, the post that you promised yourself you would write is not going to happen. And that happens multiple times. Understandable, but…

You can’t have an engaged presence if you’re not posting. Blocking off time in your schedule to write your content using a calendar guarantees that you will have content planned and scheduled.

It helps you to promote yourself.

Are you launching a new course that you want to share? Hosting an event that you want people to attend? Publishing a blog post that you want everyone to read?

People aren’t going to take these actions if you don’t tell them to… and that largely involves creating social media content that promotes these pieces. When you’re trying to sell something–like a course or an event–talking about it in advance gives you as many opportunities as possible to fill those spots. If your event is one month from now, then you know you have plenty of time throughout the next month to promote it… and it will prevent you from finding yourself scrambling to fill seats just a few days before the event because you pushed off promoting it for too long.

It ties in with all pieces of the marketing pie.

Your marketing strategy works best when you’re utilizing all marketing methods. Planning your social media content ensures you’re driving your audience from one point to another to keep them moving further down your funnel.

Social media allows you to drive people to various places, including, but not limited to…

  • Your email list
  • Your website
  • Press features
  • Your blog

Using a social media content calendar helps you to understand where you’re driving people and tie everything together. If you notice through the calendar that you haven’t promoted your lead magnets in a while, then you’ll be able to easily add in more posts for that.

It will take a little bit of time to get into a groove of planning your content, but once you do, you’ll notice just how much engagement, results, and interactions you get. And if you have any questions about your content, you can always contact us.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Social Media Content Calendar

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