4 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

How many times have you been on a company’s email list and received emails about sales, product launches, events, and more… and actually took the action that they wanted you to within those emails? I can personally say that these emails have worked on me many times before–especially when it comes to any sale that American Eagle is hosting.

If this has worked on you, too, then you’ll understand how important it is to use email marketing in your own business. When you build an email list full of loyal subscribers, clients, and customers, it’ll be a no brainer for them to give you their money when you have an offer to share.

But before you can get those sales, you actually have to grow your email list with loyal subscribers. If it feels like your subscriber growth has been stagnant for some time, follow these tips below.

Promote A Value-Driven Freebie Throughout Your Website

The easiest way to grow your email list is to create a freebie that will benefit your audience and stick it throughout your entire website. But how do you know what type of freebie will be useful to your audience?

Think about the biggest struggle they have and create a lead magnet that directly solves that issue. When people see a free piece of content that shares information that they’d really like to know, they’re instantly going to sign up to get it. As an example, our freebie is a social media content calendar. This is because we have heard people say time and time again how planning their social media content takes too much time, they don’t know how to plan it, and they don’t know what to post about. We created that calendar to help people create an organized yet efficient method for planning their content–and that’s why it performs so well.

Once you create a value-driven freebie, you’ll want to stick it in various places throughout your website so that visitors have multiple opportunities to opt in. And if you really want to maximize the number of people who join your list, you can add relevant freebies to blog posts as “content upgrades.” This is super effective because if you’re writing about a specific topic and include a lead magnet that gives even more information about that topic, people are going to want to get the freebie and will therefore sign up.

Create Landing Pages and Share Them Everywhere

Once you create your freebie, you’ll also want to make a landing page so that you can easily share it and direct people to the exact spot to sign up.

You can promote the landing page on your social media accounts, share it in Facebook groups, and include it on your Instagram landing page. If you want people to take a specific action, you have to make it easy for them to do so–and landing pages do just that.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Individuals to Cross-Promote

Collaborating with like-minded individuals means that both of you benefit, and you have the opportunity to share your content with an audience that is most likely full of your ideal clients or customers.

A collaboration can come in a variety of forms: being a guest on a podcast, writing a guest blog, doing a joint webinar, and more. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to share resources with this individual’s audience, which means you can promote your lead magnet and have the opportunity to grow your list.

Include Opt-In Options in Unique Places

It’s time to get creative with how you can grow your list! And that means thinking about unique places to ask people to opt in. Two spots where I ask people to join my list include:

In the questions section of joining my Facebook group. When someone requests to join my Facebook group, I ask, “Would you like to join our email list and receive a FREE social media content calendar? If yes, leave your email below.” Almost everyone says yes, so I take their email that they left and manually add them to the list.

In the questions section of scheduling a consultation call with me. When someone schedules a call with me, the last question is a yes / no question that asks, “Would you like to join our email list and receive a FREE social media content calendar?” Almost everyone says yes here as well, and because they already leave their email address to sign up for the call, I take it and manually add them to the list.

These are just four ways to grow your email list, but truthfully, there are so many more. There are two important things to keep in mind when it comes to list building: 1) be patient because growth doesn’t happen immediately and 2) be consistent with your efforts because people need to be told to do things multiple times before they actually do it.

Do you want to get creative with your list building? Schedule a free consultation call with us to learn how we can support you.


  • These are all great and will get peoples attention on your pages to join an email list!

  • I am still working on a content upgrade so I can grow my list! Thanks for the tips!

  • Yes to all of these! I don’t really promote content upgrades in groups too often because I simply don’t have enough time but I should start.

  • lol I don’t even have an email list, I’m a v bad blogger. but I think forms are the most helpful! most (all) of my fave blogs have them and they definitely attract attention

  • Useful opt-ins and lead magnets are great ways to grow your list. Also letting people know you have a list is a great first step. Great tips!

  • Ahh the email list, I have seriously sucked at doing that it is a goal this year!

  • This is awesome! Growing my email list is still an area of blogging that i’m struggling with! My big goal for the month ahead is to try and bring in at least 100 names! I will definitely be referring back to this for tips.

  • I really need to work on my form on my website! These are great tips!


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