Why You DON’T Need To Be On Every Social Platform

No, you DON’T need to be on every social media platform – and that’s okay. When I’m speaking with potential clients, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is they have no clue what they’re doing with social media and don’t know which platforms they should be on. Social media makes a lot of people anxious because there are so many platforms out there, and they feel like they have to be everywhere.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: you DON’T have to be present on every social media platform. Here’s why.

Your ideal client might not hang out on every platform.

If your ideal client isn’t present on Twitter, why waste time putting all of your time, energy, and effort into it to promote your business? In order to determine where your ideal clients are hanging out, you should do a target audience analysis, where you write down every quality of your target audience. If you find that your ideal client isn’t on a certain platform, do not waste your time trying to have a presence on that platform, as your conversions will be rather low.

You don’t have the time.

If you are handling your social media yourself, you will drive yourself crazy trying to have a strong presence on each platform. As a business owner, there are so many important things that you need to be focusing on, and social media can easily suck a lot of time out of your day. Start out with one platform and REALLY focus on that one, and then start moving onto other platforms as you see fit. Your sanity will be thanking you later when you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

You can’t keep up with the constantly changing algorithms.

Instagram has caused so many people to stop caring about their numbers and stats due to changing its algorithm yet again. Facebook and Instagram are notorious for having algorithms that make it where you have to “pay to play” – aka you have to spend money on ads in order for people to actually see your posts and engage with them. But the problem here is that not every entrepreneur can keep up with algorithm changes, and that’s okay. If a platform’s algorithm is stressing you out, don’t spend all your time researching how the algorithm works because I can guarantee that it will change within a week. Instead, focus your time on the platform that is working for YOU.

I’ll be brutally honest here: business owners who THINK they know social media tell other business owners think they need to be on every platform out there to get business. They are WRONG. Trying to have a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, YouTube, Google+, and all of the other platforms that may possibly exist may drive you up a wall. Zone in on the platforms that are bringing you MONEY and put your time and effort there.

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