Yes, You SHOULD Share Other People’s Content

It’s surprising to me when I hear clients saying that they never knew they should be sharing other people’s content – they think they should be sharing only their own. YIKES!

You should ALWAYS share other people’s content, along with your own content and engagement, for two reasons: credibility and relationships.

Sharing other people’s content will give you credibility.

If you share someone else’s content, it will give you credibility – it will show the wide knowledge you have in the industry of the content you’re sharing because it will show that you know what you’re talking about. It will prove to people that you trust the information that you’re sharing, which will therefore cause them to trust YOU.

Sharing other people’s content will help you to build relationships.

One of the best things about sharing content from other people is building genuine relationships with them. The majority of the time that I share someone else’s content, they will reply to the post and follow me back. This is a super easy way to build valuable relationships with other entrepreneurs, and it’s one of my favorite ways to build relationships. I’ve had content sharing turn into long-lasting relationships that have led to all sorts of amazing collaboration.

When you’re crafting out your social media strategy, don’t forget to include content sharing – it’s valuable in the 1/3 social media rule of promotion, content sharing, and engagement.

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