5 Steps to Writing the Sales Page Sandwich

Truth: I used to DREAD writing a sales page. No matter how I wrote it, I always worried that it came across as cheesy, unclear, or just plain old salesy.

Through the help of my business coach, I was able to completely transform my sales pages from meh to wow. I stopped feeling like my sales pages were boring. I stopped feeling like my sales pages didn’t show the value and skills I could bring to potential clients. And, most importantly, I stopped feeling like they weren’t converting.

After writing my own sales pages, I was able to create a formula that makes it super easy to write ANY sales page – whether it’s for a service, product, program, or something else. All you have to do is outline the key points to include and fill it in – then you’ll be ready to launch your AMAZING idea.

The TOP BUN should be the ANNOUNCEMENT of what you’re offering.

What is the name of your offering and what is a short description of it? This is where you’ll want to “dip your toes” into your offering and share a “sneak peek” of the offering that will intrigue your audience and make them want to keep scrolling down the sales page to learn more. It’s VERY important that you list the name of your offering at the very top or else your audience will have no idea what EXACTLY you’re offering – which will lead to confusion and a poor conversion rate.

The CHEESE should be the CONNECTION between you and your audience.

How can you connect to your audience and how can you understand how they feel? People do business with people that they know, like, and trust – and in order to build that relationship factor, you have to show your potential clients that you understand how you feel because you once felt that way, too. This section will contain a lot of “you” and “I” statements – put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients and list out how they’re feeling because these statements will be used to show the benefit of your offering.

The MEAT should be the DETAILS of what you’re offering.

What are the juicy details of your offering and how can potential clients benefit from them? This is where you go into the details of your offering that will attract your clients. Share exactly what the offering will bring the clients AND how it will benefit them. You can actually list out the benefits of the offering, as that is what will really attract people to purchasing. This section should also have an “investment” line where you tell exactly how much the offering costs and whether it comes with payment plans.

The BOTTOM BUN should be a CALL-TO-ACTION to keep the audience engaged.

What CTA can you put at the end of the sales page and how will it keep your audience interested? The best CTA for me is a link to my calendar for a free consultation – and if your offering is a large investment, a CTA for your calendar would be a good idea as well. People always like to speak with the actual person and learn more about the offering before they invest in it, and making a link to your calendar easily accessible will help with conversions.

If thinking about writing sales pages makes you want to run and hide, you don’t have to feel that way anymore – the sales page sandwich formula will make promoting your offering SO easy.

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