Getting Engagement on Facebook WITHOUT “Like for Like” Threads

I think we’ve all been caught up in the many “like for like” threads we see in Facebook groups where you exchange Facebook page likes with others. Although it’s super enticing to join in on these threads when they pop up, it’s not the best to join in on them. You may get a TON of likes on your page, but most of those likes will not be engaged in your posts.

People want to participate in these threads because Facebook has a difficult algorithm, but there are so many other ways that you can enhance your page for FREE without having to participate in these never-ending threads.

Go LIVE when you have something valuable to share.
I’ve been going Live on my Facebook page every Thursday, and it is seriously SO fun. I held off from going Live for the longest time because I’m kind of shy when it comes to the camera – but doing it every week has seriously helped with my confidence so much! I notice that when I’m Live, my reach is MUCH higher than any regular post – and that’s because Facebook favors videos. Plan a time to go Live and see how it improves your page. Don’t let the fear of video stop you from doing this – just follow these tips.

Post relatable content.
You want to make sure that the content you’re sharing is actually engaging, interesting, and relatable. I follow the 1/3 social media rule for all of my social media accounts, and it has been particularly helpful on Facebook. First, I share my new blog post. Your Facebook post for your blog post becomes engaging if your blog post itself is engaging – so you need to make sure that you’re creating content that people actually want to read. Second, I find content from other entrepreneurs that will resonate with my audience and I share it. Third, I create a quote image or ask questions that people will want to answer. All three of these strategies work well – your engagement all leads back to your content!

Share your posts.
I always share my Facebook posts that have a quote or my Facebook Lives in groups that I think will benefit from them. Your posts will end up getting a higher reach, and I often find that people will like the post on my page or like my page itself. It just opens your page to a wider audience, and it gives people the CHOICE to like your page instead of doing a trade-off. I also shared some of my posts to my personal Facebook account, and it brought in a TON of engagement from my Facebook friends.

My advice for you: stay AWAY from “like for like” threads because they won’t drive in real engagement! Use these strategies on your Facebook page and see how much real engagement it will drive in.


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