Repurposing Social Media Content with Viraltag

If you’re already creating killer content that is getting good engagement, why not repurpose it to save yourself time when it comes to creating your social media content calendar?

When doing your social media audit, take a look at the content that did really well – and REPURPOSE it. Viraltag has an amazing evergreen feature that will help you to do this. Not only will repurposing your great content keep your engagement high, it will also save you a ton of time for posting content when you just don’t have the time to come up with new ideas.

You all may have noticed that I usually blog Monday-Friday and schedule corresponding social media posts for those days, unless I just don’t have the time to get any content up. On weekends and the days that I can’t write a blog post, aka yesterday, Viraltag has been my LIFESAVER.

Its evergreen feature is super easy to set up. You can add content to the evergreen queue as you write it and schedule it, or you can add content to the evergreen queue after it’s already been posted. I prefer to add already-published posts to the queue because then I can add the ones that performed well. Not only is this feature great for covering your butt when you just don’t have the time to schedule content, but it’s also great for resurfacing old blog posts! This will guarantee that your oldies, but goodies, will still be seen.

You can choose the amount of days you want the content to be spread – so for example, I don’t want the same post to be posted within 14 days. This guarantees that you’re not repeating yourself over and over again and therefore annoying your audience! You can also choose the time slots in which you would like your content to be posted, so I chose two hours apart on every Saturday and Sunday since I don’t have blog posts for those days. If you’re unsure of WHEN to post, you can connect your Google Analytics to Viraltag so that they can pull the best posting times for you – AMAZING!

This feature has totally saved me when I just don’t have the time to create fresh content, and repurposing content is a super common practice when it comes to resharing popular content. What strategies do you use for repurposing your content?

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  • Interesting! I just started blogging so I don’t have that much content yet… but this is something that’ll definitely help me in the future, thanks so much for enlightening me!!

    ❤ Angel

  • Omggggg!!!! I need to check out Viraltag now! I think I say that about all of your posts, but it is SO true!

  • Awesome! I’m totally going to check out Viraltag now! I’ve been looking for something like this but didn’t know where to start.

  • I’ve never heard of Viraltag. I will definitely be checking it out because it sounds like it saves a lot of time.


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