Creating Content People ACTUALLY Want to Read

Writing content that people want to read–whether it be blog posts, newsletters, or another format–is one of the most important things to focus on when branding yourself online. Content allows your audience to get an idea of who you are, proves that you are knowledgeable in your industry, and entices your audience to keep visiting your platforms.

Writing content that engages your audience isn’t as hard as it seems, and it can easily be figured out as you create your content calendar. When creating my own content calendar, I ask myself these three questions below that help me to confirm that the content I’m producing will be engaging and will influence people to read it.

Does it solve a problem?
When putting together content, see if the content solves an issue. You could put together a “how to” or answer a common question in the industry that you’re in. For example, I write “how to” posts all the time that share how people can do certain things involving social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more.

Does it provide value?
You want to guarantee that ALL of your content provides value. Whether it includes a freebie, gives people solid advice that they can use in their own business, or something else, you should make sure that your audience didn’t waste their time reading what you wrote. The most common form of this is giving tips; I always like to offer free advice that people can therefore use on their own.

Does it discuss a trending topic?
One of the best ways to encourage people to read your content is to write about something that’s a “trending topic” or a question that people would really like to get their hands on. Honestly, the content that I’ve written about “trending topics” tend to be my most popular posts – including strategies for using hashtags, how to find the right hashtags to use on Instagram, and how to get around Instagram’s new algorithm. These are all questions that people are constantly asking about, so putting all of the info into a blog post that I can direct people to is really beneficial for me.

Here’s what you should do: plan out a week of content and write notes for each piece that will answer these questions. After completing these, it’ll help you to map out your KILLER content. How do you create content that people actually want to read?


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