Creating Consistent Social Media Content

Being active on social media is one of the most important ways to grow your brand and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. It’s important to follow the 1/3 social media rule when putting together your content calendar, but coming up with great content isn’t difficult!

If you’re wondering how you can always have amazing social media content on deck, check out these tips below.

Create a list of ongoing helpful articles.
I use a Google Sheet to keep track of great articles I find from other entrepreneurs. The spreadsheet includes the topic of the article, the link to the article, and the entrepreneur’s social media handles. When I make my content calendar, I refer to this spreadsheet to pull links to include. I basically add to this list as I go, and it’s been super helpful because I ALWAYS have content to share and rarely have to go searching for it.

Batch inspirational quotes or phrases.
When I have free time, I’ll spend a couple of hours and batch multiple quotes to use on social media. Quotes are a great thing to share because people can always relate to them, and they usually get retweeted. By making a ton of quote graphics at once, I don’t have to worry about making any later on to use.

Promote your own content.
Promote your own content on your social media platforms, but try to focus on the value that your content will bring to your audience instead of worrying about the sales. I always try to show my audience the benefit that reading my content will bring them instead of just trying to get them to read my stuff or sign up for my services. Focus more on using your content to build a community.

Utilize the evergreen feature of your social media scheduler.
If the social media scheduler you use has an evergreen content feature, use it! My evergreen feature has been a total lifesaver for the days that I just don’t have the time to sit down and plan out my own content. For each post that you create, as long as it isn’t time-sensitive, add it to your queue to be sent out on the days and times in which you have no content scheduled. Not only is it great for making sure that you’re always sending out content, it’s also great for promoting older content!

Work on putting together a system to create amazing social media content, and then actually writing your plan won’t be so hard. What tips and tricks do you use to make sure that you have consistent social media content?


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