Biz Systems You Need in Your Life

I’m alllll about creating a killer workflow in my business so that I can free up more time to dedicate to helping clients. Utilizing business systems that work for YOU is important because you want to make sure that you’re spending less time on doing simple tasks for your business in order to spend more time on tasks that will actually help your business.

If you realize that you’re spending too much time doing tasks that aren’t directly helping you to grow your biz, but you’re unsure of what to do to be more productive, implement these AMAZING systems in your biz.

Batch + schedule.
Batch + schedule has been a TOTAL game-changer for my business. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m now scheduling blog posts and social media about a week out in advance, which ends up saving me an incredible amount of time throughout the week. I have a running list of blog post ideas, which I insert into a Google Sheet as an editorial calendar. Each weekend, I create a Google Doc and just write all of my blog posts in that one document. After completing the blog posts, I’ll go ahead and schedule my social media for the week following the 1/3 social media rule. Not having to worry about scheduling my own content throughout the week is an AMAZING feeling. I’ve even gotten into the habit of batching + scheduling my clients’ content, which has opened up a ton of time in focusing on other tasks of their business.

Get those tasks organized.
Use a workflow tool, such as Asana or Trello, to organize your tasks allows you to visually see what you need to get done, when you need to get it done, and how you’re going to get it done. I personally swear by Asana to separate my clients, add in tasks, and assign due dates. It’s super satisfying to see everything laid out, and it gives me a clear mind on what I need to do. I don’t use Trello, but I’ve seen a lot of people’s awesome layouts that has inspired me to test it out in the near future. I do use a physical planner, but that’s for more “set-in-stone” tasks – I find that I’m often moving tasks around and changing them, and I don’t necessarily want to have to cross them out in a planner, which is why using digital platforms is awesome.

Set up automation.
Automate whatever you can so that you spend less time physically going in and completing tasks. Although I mentioned it above, scheduling your social media is an AMAZING form of automation to use. Some social media schedulers even have an “evergreen content” feature (which I know I’ve mentioned here many times before!) that will send posts out for you during certain time periods when you don’t have any content already scheduled. It is a TOTAL game-changer, ladies. I usually don’t schedule any content on weekends, so the evergreen feature is amazing for those two days because I still have content being sent out even though I’m not actually scheduling it. You can also look into accounting software that will automatically send invoices for you because adding on more clients can cause you to lose track. I haven’t done this yet, but this is something that I’m definitely looking into doing.

Devote time slots for emailing.
My email account is a major distraction for me and it totally sucks up a ton of my time! To prevent them from continuing to happen, I’ve gotten into the habit of only checking my email two-three times per day. I’m then able to spend 10-15 minutes each time responding to emails instead of spending about an hour.

It’s amazing how much time I’ve already freed up in my schedule just by using these workflows. But remember, these workflows that I use have been found by a lot of trial and error – and just because they work for me doesn’t mean they may work for you. It’s always about finding what’s best for YOU. What are some business systems that you can’t live without?


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