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If you have “liked” my Facebook page, then you probably saw that I did my first Facebook LIVE EVER last Thursday! After researching and realizing that Facebook’s algorithm favors video content, especially LIVE videos, over text content, I’ve been wanting to do a Facebook LIVE for a while; I was just unsure what I wanted to talk about. Sending out weekly tips inspired me to share those tips through video as well. My first video nerve-wracking and I know I stuttered on my words, but I’m already excited to do the next one this Thursday!

After doing my first video, people started reaching out to me for advice because they’ve been wanting to do their first Facebook LIVE video as well. If you’ve been wanting to tap into video but you’re unsure of how to do it, take a look into these tips.

Set a designated day + time and PROMOTE.
The first time I went LIVE was literally a spur-of-the-moment decision, so I didn’t have much time to plan or promote. I would definitely suggest planning on a day and time that you’re planning on going LIVE, as well as the topic you’re going to discuss, and promote it where you can. I honestly think I only had MAYBE one person who actually watched my video while it was live streaming, and it’s important to have at least a small audience while you’re actually streaming so that they can ask questions for you to answer. For my next Facebook LIVE video, I’m going to be promoting it through my newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Have notes ready.
Once again, since my decision to go LIVE was last-minute, I really didn’t have any notes to use. I think it’s incredibly helpful to have notes next to you to reference so that you know exactly what you talk about. I tend to get nervous in front of live audiences, so I either repeat myself, say “um” a ridiculous amount of times, or forget something important that I want to say – and I’m sure I’m not the only one like that! Having detailed notes that you can refer to will help you have a more structured video.

Use good lighting/backdrop.
I have absolutely no video equipment since it’s not something that I’m planning on taking seriously (yet!), so going LIVE during the daytime was a priority for me because I needed natural light. I also made sure that the room I was sitting in didn’t have anything going on in the background because that can cause your audience to get distracted and pay attention to what’s behind you instead of you. Facebook LIVE is also only available on mobile right now, and I didn’t want to hold my phone up to my face and have it be a really zoomed-in/awkward angle. I ended up propping my phone up against my laptop, which gave a great distance away from my face.

If you’re thinking of doing a Facebook LIVE, just go for it! I was really nervous the whole time, I’ll be honest, but I felt incredibly proud once I finished and already wanted to jump on and do another one. Have you done live-streaming before?


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