Networking in 3 Easy Ways on Twitter

Networking as an entrepreneur is vital for making the connections you need to help you grow your business. However, it isn’t as hard as it seems – especially via Twitter. Twitter is meant for sharing quick news and conversations, so I find I do the most networking on this platform.

Whether you’re networking in person or online, you can use these tips to help build genuine relationships that will bring you farther in your business.

Follow like-minded people.
Following people is the first step in building a genuine relationship. If you come across an entrepreneur who owns a business similar to yours or just has an awesome business in general, follow them. Chances are they’ll check out your account and follow you back. If they end up following you back, thank them for following you and tell them that you’re looking forward to connecting.

Share their content.
If someone has really great content, tweet it! Not only will the person feel honored that you promoted their work and liked it, chances are your audience will find the content helpful as well. I have a “content sharing” spreadsheet that I use just for this purpose. If I find an article, blog post, etc. that I really like, I’ll add it to that spreadsheet along with the category it falls under and the person’s social media handles. I’ve found that when I share other people’s content, they’ll thank me for sharing it, retweet my post, AND follow me back.

This is the EASIEST one to do. Just engage with people! If they post a link to a freebie that they’re sharing, tell them that it’s great and that you’ll be signing up for it. If they ask a question, respond with your answer. If they post a quote, tell them you love that quote and the truth it holds. People just like to engage – and that’ll be the start of an established relationship.

The best part about networking via Twitter is it’s quick. If I’m scrolling through my feed on a break, I’ll reply to tweets that interest me or I’ll retweet anything that I found helpful/inspiring. I also implement it into my social media content calendar so that I already have an idea of content to share. How do you use Twitter to network?


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