Giving Yourself A Social Media Audit

It’s good to give yourself a social media audit 2-4 times per year to analyze your current marketing strategy – are you totally successful with it, or are there things you need to improve on? Sometimes taking a step back and doing so will allow you to think about what type of content your audience is hoping to get from you and whether or not you’re providing that content and value.

The reason why I use a social media content calendar is because all of my posts are documented in one place when I need to give myself an audit. Scrolling through a few spreadsheets is a heck of a lot easier than scrolling through actual social media accounts! Wondering how you can give yourself a social media audit? Check out these questions you should be asking yourself when evaluating each platform.

– Are you tweeting at least three times per day?
– Are you joining in relevant tweet chats when possible to increase exposure and engagement?
– Are you using 1-2 hashtags per tweet that are relevant to the main point of your content?
– Are you sharing other people’s content/products/services besides just your own?

– Are you posting 1-2 times per day?
– Are you utilizing Facebook Live to increase reach and engagement?
– Are you referring to your “Insights” tab to see the best times to post?
– Are you sharing other people’s content/products/services besides just your own?

– Are you posting once per day?
– Are you a part of Instagram comment pods to increase exposure and engagement?
– Are you using at least 11 hashtags per post that have engaging communities?
– Are your photos cohesively branded and all follow a similar aesthetic?

– Are you using programs like Boardbooster to schedule pins for you?
– Are you a part of group boards to increase exposure and engagement?
– Are you creating Pinterest-worthy graphics?
– Are you sharing other content besides just your own?

The one question that you should be asking when looking across ALL platforms is: Are you sharing different content on each platform?

People follow your Twitter because it’s different from your Facebook and vice versa. I may share my new blog posts on Twitter and Facebook on the same day, but I ALWAYS use different wording. And when I ask questions, post quotes, share other people’s contents, etc., I never share the same things on the two platforms.

At the end of March, which will be the end of the first quarter of 2017 (crazy!), give yourself a social media audit and see how you’ve been doing so far this year. What platforms are you going to take a look at in your audit?


  • Its good to hold yourself to goals with your social media accounts! Huge part of blogging and so important to be active on other platforms besides your blog!

  • omg haha according to this I am absolutely failing miserably at social. But I know you’re right, it’s definitely an area I need to work in! Such a good idea to have this audit every once in awhile, saving it for reference x

  • I think I need to do a social media audit on my lifestyle blog’s channels very soon 🙂

  • I agree that it’s important to use different wording when sharing posts across different social medias. Especially since you can’t use any many words on Twitter and no one likes to read huge Instagram comments!

  • It always good to have a goal for social media and do be super active on the social platform you are using! you shared some awesome info!

  • These are a great set of questions. I definitely need to sit down and go through all of these and make changes where appropriate!

  • LOVE this! I do an audit on my own channels as well as my clients every couple of months. It’s so much better tha tway!

  • I so need to do this for my social, I feel like I’ve been lagging lately. These are awesome tips, thanks for sharing!


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