6 Terms to Know About Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and turn your audience into clients. I’ll admit that when I first tried to get into email marketing for my fashion and lifestyle blog four years ago, I was totally confused on how to use it and what to use it for. After researching it more before starting my business, I now have a solid grasp on it and utilize email marketing pretty frequently.

If email marketing is something that’s hard for you to understand, no worries – I’ve compiled a list of list of five of the most important email marketing terms that you should know. Check them out below!

An opt-in is a freebie you create that people sign up to receive with the intention of adding them to your email list. Examples of opt-ins are courses, workbooks, guides, and more. Opt-ins can be incredibly successful for growing your list depending on what your opt-in is and how you promote it.

An email list is a list of all of your email subscribers. A person is put onto your list when they subscribe to your newsletters or opt-in to your list.

Automation is an email that people automatically receive immediately after signing up to your list. This may be a welcome email that you send right when someone signs up, or it may contain the freebie that you created for your opt-in.

Open rate and click rate
Open rate is the percentage of your email subscribers who open your email for each automation or campaign sent out while click rate is the percentage of your email subscribers who clicked on a link in your email. The average open rate for 2016 across all industries was 25%, but it all depends on the industry.

A campaign is a newsletter scheduled to go out on a specific day and time; subscribers do not immediately receive an email when signing up for this list. I use campaigns for the weekly tips I send out.

Landing page
A landing page is a form you create in order for people to sign up for your email list. They are primarily used when you  create an opt-in.

These are the most common terms used in email marketing, so once you get these down, you’re golden! What are some things that confuse you about email marketing?


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