Do You REALLY need a Social Media Scheduling Tool for Your Business?

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I get asked this all the time from both clients and business owners who are looking to up their social media game. My answer is:

Yes. The answer is ALWAYS yes.

Whenever you can automate your business, you should do it because it will save you time that you can use to focus on client work or other aspects of your business. I like to spend each Sunday scheduling out ALL social media for the week ahead so that way I don’t have to worry about scheduling it each day.

I often get asked which scheduler is my favorite, and of course there’s only one I recommend…


I love using Viraltag for Twitter and Instagram. My absolute favorite thing about Viraltag is its evergreen feature. An evergreen feature is when you add social media content to a queue that later gets sent out during specific days and times. It’s absolutely great for when I don’t have the time to schedule social media because I’ll be honest – sometimes I get so caught up in focusing on my clients’ social media that I forget about my own!

Utilizing this feature guarantees that I always have content scheduled to go out whenever there’s a gap in my posting. It’s perfect for those busy times of the year! Here is what my evergreen queue looks like:

Viraltag also has the ability to connect with Google Analytics, which is perfect for me because I’m always posting links to my blog posts on social media – so I love seeing what platforms my website visitors come from. If you’re a Google Analytics nerd like me, this option is perfect for you! A screen shot of my stats can be found below:

Lastly, I love that Viraltag shows the analytics for the platforms themselves! My favorite social media platform is Twitter (which is always shocking to so many people because it is thought to be a “dying platform” *cries*), so I’m always interested in seeing how my account has grown. I use Viraltag the most for my Twitter account, especially with evergreen content, so looking at my analytics is definitely a hobby of mine. Plus, I’m definitely the numbers kind of gal!

You can also customize the time period so that it’s not just the previous week – which is really convenient if you’re running a certain campaign and want to see how it played out over time.

Viraltag has definitely made my life a million times easier, and now you know your answer – you DO need a social media scheduling tool!

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