Apps You Should Use As An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur usually involves wearing many hats, and it can be hard to keep track of everything at once. I used to be a pen + paper type of gal when it came to planning things, but after discovering FREE apps that make my life easier, I haven’t turned back.

>>> Asana
Asana has become my LIFESAVER. I used to always write down all of my daily tasks in a planner, but I found that I was constantly crossing things out and switching them around, which just made my planner a mess. Asana allows me to create separate projects and give each assignment a due date. You can also collaborate with people on your account, which is great if you’re working with a team!

>>> Viraltag
After using many, many, many social media schedulers, Viraltag has won my heart! Using a social media scheduler is key for handling your marketing because it saves a lot of time. I prefer it over Hootsuite and love how easy it is to use. I have two favorite features: the “clone” option and the “evergreen” option. When you type in a post with a picture, you can “clone” it so that you don’t have to manually add in the same post again. You can choose to add a post to be “evergreen content” – your post will be added to a queue that will be sent out again when you don’t have any posts scheduled. It’s a great way to recycle old content!

>>> Google Drive
I used to prefer Microsoft Office over Google Drive, but now Google Drive contains practically my whole life! I love that you can create a basic document, a spreadsheet, or a slideshow. I use Google Docs and Google Sheets the most, and it’s helpful that I’m able to add each document into its own folder to keep everything organized.

New year = new organization system! How are you planning to stay organized in 2017?

Affiliate disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but I only promote brands that I personally use and love. All opinions are 100% my own.

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