Top 5 Tools to Use As An Entrepreneur

People often ask us how we’re able to work with so many clients at once and keep track of it all. Our answer? We have really good organizational and project management systems in place! Whether you’re a newer entrepreneur or you’ve been in business for a while, we believe that there are always opportunities to find better systems and improve processes.

Take a look at some of our favorite tools that we use.


If you’re in the market for a new project management system, Asana is the way to go. With its capabilities of creating various projects, adding team members, using workflows, sharing with clients, and more, it allows you to brain dump everything that’s swimming around in your mind and keep it in one place. We have two Asana workspaces that we like to use: one for all of Dash of Social®’s clients and one for Dash of Social®’s internal marketing.

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Do you need to track your time to invoice clients or want to see how long it takes you to complete a certain project or task? Toggl is one of the easiest ways to track your time for your work, especially with its ability to create various “Projects” for tasks, clients, and more. Through this software, you can also pull time reports for any time period you’d like: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Hint: feeling like you’re ready to delegate another task or bring on your next hire? Toggl helps to give you an idea of how much time you’ll save by passing on a task to someone else.


Do you ever find yourself using a million different softwares to focus on admin tasks and think to yourself, “There has to be one software out there that can do all of these for me!”? Welcome to 17Hats. When we found ourselves sending contracts through DocuSign, organizing invoices in PayPal, and storing our contacts in a spreadsheet, we knew there had to be a better way to do this all in one place. Ever since we’ve started using 17Hats, we’ve been able to send contracts, create questionnaires, bill clients, track time, manage projects, and so much more.

Say goodbye to logging into an unending amount of sites to get the job done, and say hello to everything you need right in one place!


This one is industry-specific, but if you’re also a marketing agency, SmarterQueue is the way to go for scheduling your clients’ content (it’s what we use and love). Between the awesome pricing (social media schedulers can be very expensive), great support, evergreen option, and more, we’ve found it to be a really useful tool for getting the job done quickly and efficiently.


We’re sure you’ve heard of this one by now, and maybe even already use it, but Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing platforms that exists. Especially if you’re managing your email marketing yourself, Mailchimp is super easy to use and offers a wide variety of features that are extremely beneficial for growing, nurturing, and converting your audience. Whether you just need to send monthly newsletters or want to get fancy with your automation series, Mailchimp helps you make it happen.

Now we want to know: which tools do you use and love for your business? Share them below, we’re always looking for more suggestions!

Affiliate disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but we only promote brands that we personally use and love. Thank you for supporting the companies that support Dash of Social®!

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