Unique Uses for Each Platform

A common question that I get asked is, “What should I be using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for?” Although each platform can provide some of the same content, I like to keep the content relatively different to give reasons for my audience to follow me on all three platforms. If you’re wondering how to best utilize each platform, take a look at this guide below!

I think I’ve mentioned probably a million times that Twitter is my favorite platform EVER. Seriously! It’s super easy to use, and I personally love its purpose the most. You should be using Twitter for networking and sharing quick content. Twitter is the best platform for networking compared to Facebook and Instagram because I find that I very quickly lose track of comments on my Instagram – they always end up getting lost in my notifications. Facebook is also better for just making one quick comment or thought instead of having a whole conversation with someone. I’m always engaging with others on Twitter, and I’ve actually created solid relationships by doing this. I’m also always sharing content on Twitter as well, whether it’s my own blog posts or other people’s. It’s super easy to post a link to an article, share your thoughts on it, and encourage others to share their thoughts on it as well.

Facebook is great for videos, whether live or manually uploaded, and viral content. As you may know, videos tend to do the best on Facebook – and they are EVERYWHERE. Create a video when you can and share it, whether it’s your thoughts on a topic or something else. You also want to share things that have the possibility to go viral – because it’s super easy to share something on Facebook. Viral content usually consists of things that are funny, interesting, and engaging.

Instagram is obviously a visual platform, so sharing appealing content is key. I personally suggest to my clients that they use the platform for sharing advice or a “personal story” – basically, any tips you have about your industry or any insights into the behind-the-scenes of your business would be appropriate. Your target audience wants to feel like they can connect to you, and this is the best way to do that!

What are you using each platform for? See how you can implement these strategies into your social media strategy and let me know how it works out!

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