Finding the Best Hashtags for Instagram

Yesterday, I went Live on my Facebook page about strategies for using hashtags and how you should use them on each platform. So many people have been asking me how to find the best hashtags to use for their Instagram, so I’m thrilled to be putting this little guide together!

Look at what your target audience is using.
This is the strategy that I utilize the most when creating a hashtag list for all of my clients! Take a look at the hashtags that your target audience is using, whether those people are your ideal clients or people who work in the same industry as you. You always want to be easily found on Instagram, so using hashtags that your target market is using will allow you to have a higher visibility. Create a list of all of these hashtags that you gather and then choose the ones that you feel are the best for you.

Use the “automatic fill” feature.
When you start typing in a hashtag, Instagram will do what Google does and automatically completes your search with hashtag options. This is actually how I found a lot of great hashtags to use for one of my clients – I started typing in one key word and found a wide variety of relevant options to choose from.

Create a branded hashtag.
If you don’t have a branded hashtag, get on that NOW! This will allow everyone to find your posts more easily, and it may even encourage them to start using your hashtag on their own posts as well. For creating a branded hashtag, I would suggest using your business name. Just make sure that it’s not already being used for whatever reason by anyone else!

Keep in mind that hashtags also involve trial and error – you have to find out which ones optimize your content the most. And more importantly, hashtags don’t do ALL the work with generating engagement and reach – you need to still be creating high-quality content and engaging with others! How do you find hashtags to use on Instagram?


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