5 Content Ideas for Email Marketing

If you haven’t created an email list, it would be the most beneficial to you to make one as soon as you can using an email marketing program like Mailerlite! Email lists are a great way to easily share your content in a quick format for people to read, whether you decide to send content on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

The hardest part of email marketing is actually creating a content strategy for what your emails are going to say. If you know that you need to step up your email marketing game but you’re unsure of what your content should be, check out these tips below.

Are you a #goaldigger like I am and make goals for each month, year, and perhaps even week? Share it with your email list! People love seeing the goals that others have set and how they plan on accomplishing them because we all can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. Sharing your goals also makes it seem like you’re having your email list hold you accountable to your goals – which is a great thing. If I were to share my February goals with my subscribers, it may even motivate them to want to reach similar goals.

Everybody LOVES joining a free challenge that will help them to grow themselves and their businesses! Find a topic that you’re good at and turn it to into a challenge in order to help other people – potential topics could be personal finance, blogging, marketing, and more. Turn the challenge into an opt-in and make the challenge for three days straight, five days straight, once a week for a month, or another time format. Set the challenge as an automation workflow so that people can opt-in to the challenge at any time and not have to worry about certain time restrictions.

Blog posts
Doing a round-up of your most recent blog posts is a great way to promote your content for people who may have originally missed the posts. Give a short summary of each post and insert a link to read the full post. This allows your subscribers to see all of your posts and read further for certain posts if they choose to.

Who DOESN’T love free advice?! If you have really great advice to offer around certain topics such as entrepreneurship, personal finance, and more, share it! You can send out weekly tips or monthly tips, but just make sure that your tips provide value. I share weekly tips and have already received inquiries for tips to share, which is great.

There are SO many awesome “freebies” out there to opt-in to – branding workbooks, hashtag guides, checklists, and more. People LOVE freebies because they provide value and often help people to plan out certain segments of their business. The only freebie I’ve created and shared is my social media content calendar, which ended up being really popular. I love helping people out when I can, which is why I loved sharing this one. Set your freebie as an automation workflow as well so that people can opt-in at any time to receive your awesome gift.

Take these ideas, create an email list, and GO! What type of content do you use for your email marketing?

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