THIS is why you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket

I may be preaching to the choir here, but you should absolutely NEVER put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to online marketing. Here’s why.

I saw a post in a Facebook group of a woman saying she was debating on shutting down her online boutique because when Facebook changed its algorithm in January 2018, her sales went from really good to really BAD — and she had only been relying on Facebook to sell her items.

That was the first thing that stuck out to me. NEVER rely on marketing through one outlet that you DO NOT own because anything can change in the blink of an eye, as we’ve all seen with various marketing trends.

If you are only using one outlet to market your business — whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or something else — let’s change that TODAY.

Here’s where you can spread all of your eggs…

? Utilize various social media outlets

Keyword: VARIOUS. I’ve spoken to far too many entrepreneurs who are solely relying on ONE platform — and it makes me wanna cry when I hear that! ?

I know that we all have difficulty finding time for posting on social media, but spreading yourself out can prevent you from being left in the dumps.

Think about it: Say you’re getting great engagement on Facebook, the algorithm changes, and then NOBODY sees your posts just like this woman — how will you remain visible? Or if your Instagram account gets hacked and shut down, causing you to lose ALL of your posts, followers, etc. — to which outlet will you resort?

Utilizing various platforms allows you to “fall back on” one if problems arise with others.

? Create and update a website

Please, please, PLEASE have a website! My BFF Liz can stress this better than I can, but unlike social media, you OWN a website. YOU have the full control over what you post on your website and when. And if you were to lose your social media accounts, you would still have your own corner of the Internet with your site.

You can drive people back to your website with blog posts, opt-ins, videos, and more — but the whole point is that you should be having a website and using it.

? Start and nurture an email list

Why do you think I’m sending you this email right now, ? ? It’s because starting an email list, growing it, and building relationships with others through it is SO important. Not only does an email list bring you leads and clients but it also helps you to network with others.

Just like a website, you OWN your email list. You have the complete control over what you send to your list and when. I’ve spoken to too many entrepreneurs who tell me that they have a list but just don’t use it — so if that’s you, start NOW!

By incorporating these tactics into your marketing strategy, you’ll never have to worry about losing sales, your business, etc. because you’re targeting your audience from multiple areas. And then when an algorithm change hits, you won’t be affected ?

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