Social media can be fun, easy, and automated — you just have to do THIS

If social media makes you want to throw your laptop out the window or give up on marketing completely (or maybe even a combination of the two…!), you’re going to want to keep reading.

One of the most important things I teach my clients is that social media can be fun, easy, and AUTOMATED. I know you NEVER thought those three words would be used to describe marketing, but here’s why.

? When you write content out of a place of INSPIRATION, it becomes FUN

Think about it: When you post on social media while feeling stressed and exhausted, your content is not going to come out the way you wanted it to — it’s going to feel flat, boring, and fake. But when you write content while INSPIRED, you’ll quickly realize that it sounds genuine, engaging, and REAL.

Devote your most productive working hours to writing content because the energy, passion, and motivation you feel in that EXACT moment will translate into your posts.

? When you take content and repurpose it, posting on social media becomes EASY

My clients are always SHOCKED when I tell them that you don’t have to come up with brand new posts all the time and you can actually tweak things you’ve already posted before — but it’s true! When we’re using the resources that we already have and not feeling stressed to create things that are truly original, social media doesn’t seem so hard anymore.

Here’s a fun tidbit on how I repurpose content…

Write a blog post on a value-packed topic ?? Condense the blog post into an email that’s sent to your list ?? Break down that email into multiple social media posts

And BOOM! There you have MULTIPLE pieces of content, all coming from ONE source.

? When you devote time each week to writing content, your social media presence is then AUTOMATED

I can’t stress enough the importance of planning and scheduling your content in advance. When we write and post content on the fly, we feel overwhelmed and it then feels like social media is taking over our lives because posting takes WAY longer than it should.

By planning and scheduling your social media ahead of time, you’re therefore AUTOMATING it so that it gets posted FOR YOU and you therefore have SO much more time to do the things you love (and if that includes binge-watching your favorite Netflix show while diving into a bag of Reese’s, we’re gonna get along GREAT).

I know I’m totally biased because my business IS social media, but everything changes when you create those systems and processes that work for you. Social media goes from being a frustrating, stressful MONSTER to a place where you can get maximum visibility and build those genuine relationships — and watching my client make those transformations is incredible.

How have you been working on improving your social media game?

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