Nobody knows your business better than you do - but sometimes,
you're WAY too close to your business to be objective about what types
of marketing pathways might work best for you.

We’re here to act as your marketing consultants to take a look at your ENTIRE marketing pie.

That means that we’re not just looking at social media…

We’re also looking at email marketing. Blogging. Search engine optimization. And more!

When you put all of the pieces of the marketing pie together and create a cohesive plan, THAT’S when you get closer to reaching your business goals… and THAT’S what a solid strategy helps you to do.

We’ll also let you in on a little secret:

Being involved in our clients’ overall marketing strategy is our favorite thing ever. Because when you have a comprehensive plan for your entire marketing efforts, the results are un-freaking-real.

Let’s discuss some mind-blowing results that
some of our clients have received…

One client, who hosts multiple in-person events per month for her business, had more attendees at her events in 6 months of working with us than she had in ONE YEAR prior to working with us.

Another client created and promoted a freebie that was SO GOOD that it helped her gain more than 100 prospects in just 30 days.

A third client developed an influencer campaign for her product-based business that opened cross promotion with various audiences and increased brand awareness.

Dash of Social - Marketing Strategy

We could keep going - but we think you get the point.

With each client, we KNOW that their business is not like anybody else’s - so we provide a few different consulting options to best support your needs.

They are…

Strategy Hour - a 60-minute call conducted via phone or video chat to discuss ANYTHING you want to know involving marketing. Here’s how it works…


Prior to scheduling the call, we’ll send over a customized questionnaire to learn more about you, your business, your marketing goals, and what you want to discuss on the call.


During the call, we’ll go over everything you listed in the questionnaire (time allowing!) and give actionable tips, steps, and pieces of advice that you can immediately apply to your own business.


After the call, you’ll receive a detailed write-up of the points we discussed so that you don’t have to worry about taking notes or forgetting anything. And if you opt to do video chat, you’ll receive a recording of the call that you can watch at any time after.

Ongoing Support - 3 months of support via phone calls and email to create an evolving marketing plan that will take your business to the next level. Here’s how it works…


You’ll receive 6 strategy hours (an average of 2 per month) to discuss the best marketing plans for your business. That means that you’ll also get the video chat recordings and detailed write-ups.


In addition to these calls, you also have email support to answer any questions that may come up. So, if you’re working on your marketing plan and have a question, you don’t have to wait until the next phone call to ask - you can send an email immediately and we’ll respond as soon as we see it.

Marketing Protocol - a detailed marketing plan that takes a deep look into all of your marketing efforts and gives steps you can take to fully optimize each channel. Here’s how it works…


Prior to creating the plan, we’ll send over a customized questionnaire to learn more about you, your business, your marketing goals, your current marketing strategy, and more.


We’ll use the information you shared with us plus our own additional research to build an entire marketing guide that will outline how to use social media, email marketing, blogging, and light public relations to the best of your ability. Did we mention that it even includes a competitor analysis, our process for automating your marketing, and tips and tricks?


You’ll receive a detailed write-up of this plan, usually spanning from 20-30 pages, plus a video explanation of us going through the guide and talking about what it means.


After we hand the protocol off to you, you’ll have 30 days of email support to ask us any questions as they come up.

The best time to optimize your
marketing is NOW - so learn more
about how these offerings can
benefit you by scheduling a
free consultation call.

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