How to Refine Your Sales Process

Do you want to push qualified leads further down the sales pipeline? Having a refined sales process so you can meet each lead where they are and nudge them to the next point in the funnel is crucial.

If getting better at sales is a goal within your organization this year, learn more about this lead generation strategy you can adopt.

5 Components of a Solid Sales Process

Vet the Prospect Before Scheduling a Meeting

The number of leads your business receives means nothing if they’re low-quality leads. With the limited time that you have available, and with how time-consuming the sales process can be, it’s crucial to vet any prospects before scheduling a meeting with them. What does that mean? Qualifying them to confirm they meet the requirements of an ideal client or customer within your organization. You want to ensure that it’s a right fit for both you and the client before spending too much time on the process.

The best way to vet them is to create a consultation request form, where you can ask them about:

  • Which services they’re interested in
  • What their budget is
  • What goals they’re looking to achieve

And more. If it sounds like a good fit, you can reach out to them about scheduling an introductory meeting.

Additionally, you’ll want to ask how they found your company, as it’s helpful to know the source of your referrals for marketing and sales purposes.

Host a Meeting to Understand the Prospect’s Needs and Build Rapport

Once you qualify the prospect, now you want to get them on your schedule for a meeting, whether it’s on the phone, via Zoom, or in person, as you will likely have more success converting them during a one-to-one personalized conversation compared to emailing them.

The goal with these meetings is to focus the conversation entirely on the prospect, asking them:

  • What their business is
  • What problems they’re facing
  • Which solutions they’ve tried so hard
  • How they feel they could use the most support

And more. After gathering the information you need, you can give an overview of which product or service of yours would be the best fit for them, while emphasizing the solutions your company would bring. When you position your offerings as a value add in some way, you help to convince the lead why they need it.

Additionally, if you’re a solo entrepreneur or clients will be primarily working with you, it’s crucial that the lead feels like they know you, like you, and trust you, as it’s that three-part factor that will persuade them to hire you.

Provide a Customized Proposal

After the prospect shares what they’re looking for in a company like yours, be sure to immediately send them a proposal that covers the following bases:

  • Recap of what you discussed
  • Overview of service with deliverables and pricing, explaining why it would best suit them
  • Case studies or client examples

Be sure to focus on the benefits of the services rather than the features, as prospects will want to know how what you offer will help them and what it will do for them. If you don’t hear back from the lead within a few days, send a followup email, as it’s easy for things to get lost in an inbox.

Keep a Referral List Handy

You may realize that someone isn’t the right fit for you after speaking with them, and that’s okay! If applicable, have a list of potential referrals ready for them so you can recommend another professional who may be able to better suit their needs. Prospects always appreciate when you go the extra mile to provide value to them, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re hiring you.

However, before you recommend another professional, it’s best to check in with that professional first to make sure that they’re still accepting new clients and would like to have the referral.

Upsell the Prospect Once They Become a Client

The selling doesn’t stop once a lead becomes a client — use this as an opportunity to continue selling to them! Once you begin working with them, you may discover that there are “gaps” in what they’re doing that are missed opportunities for increased growth and results. If that’s the case, and if it falls under something you provide, reach out to them to give them the suggestion and share how they can benefit from increasing their package with you.

Finding Success in Sales

Tweaking Your Process As You Go

The more you focus on improving your sales, the more you’ll notice opportunities to make increased conversations or simplify the process. Especially when you pair your sales strategy with a marketing strategy, you can make a huge splash in your lead generation tactics.

Looking for the right partner who can support your marketing strategy? Request a consultation with us to learn how we can help you develop a marketing strategy that will establish your organization as an expert in the space, build brand awareness in front of your target market, and portray the value that your products or services bring to the table.

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