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Vesta: Redefining Divorce

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Brought in more attendees to their events in 6 months than the entire year prior

By setting up weekly strategy calls, offering multiple trainings for their network of 40+ divorce professionals, analyzing and enhancing all pieces of their marketing pie, and tracking progress to make adjustments as needed, Vesta has been able to scale their organization across the country and continue to increase their awareness and mission, we were able to drastically increase their number of attendees and set them up with the proper marketing systems, processes, and tools to utilize moving forward.


Vesta: Redefining Divorceco-founded by Deanna Coyle, Samantha Steer, and Robert Vona — is an organization that offers free and low-cost resources and events for individuals who are contemplating divorce, going through divorce, or have already experienced divorce.

After Deanna went through her own divorce, she realized just how isolating, frustrating, and financially and emotionally draining it really was — and she vowed to find a way to prevent others from having to go through what seemed like endless battles and uncertainty.

Just a few years later, Vesta was born.


As Deanna’s divorce story spread throughout Massachusetts, Vesta began to grow — and fast. She received hundreds of emails, phone calls, and messages from individuals who related to her story and wanted to receive additional support, which presented her with the perfect opportunity to funnel them into Vesta.

Although Vesta already had a fairly active online presence, as shown by the multiple word-of-mouth referrals, the team realized that optimizing it and leveraging it would allow for further expansion, penetration, and success.


As Vesta prepared for growth throughout the New England region and eventually across the country, they wanted to develop and implement a cohesive yet effective marketing strategy through their social media, blog, email marketing, website, and PR.

The Vesta team brought on Dash of Social as a consultant and strategist through a monthly retainer that focused on achieving these three goals:

  • Increasing attendance month after month of various events throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Developing marketing initiatives that Vesta’s network of 40+ divorce professionals could implement across their own brands
  • Optimizing and leveraging their various online tactics to spread awareness of the events, professionals, Vesta educational content, and more

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