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By deploying a three-part content marketing strategy, MomUp successfully engaged both candidates and companies for building their lead base.


MomUp is a mission-based recruitment firm that is bringing humanity back into hiring. They partner with organizations that recognize and value the contributions of working parents and connect these employers with their incredible network of talent, helping to build a better and more inclusive workplace.


Understanding the importance of connecting with both job seekers and employers online and developing a strategy that would integrate the two, MomUp sought to find an agency who would be able to provide an intentional and mission-driven approach to their marketing. They wanted someone who believed in their mission and would be able to create content that would reflect their values and the people they serve.


MomUp first hired Dash of Social to manage their Instagram account and LinkedIn company page, gearing the Instagram strategy more towards job seekers and the LinkedIn company page more towards employers with a little bit of job seeker content sprinkled in. During the time of COVID where many companies were having difficulty with hiring, it was especially crucial for MomUp to build awareness in front of these companies to take over their recruiting efforts.

After being a client for only two months, MomUp expanded their scope of work with us to include sending two monthly newsletters — one for moms / potential candidates and one for employers / potential clients — to continue to nurture these individuals. Seven months into our work together, MomUp expanded their scope of work with us again to include the production of one monthly blog post to provide value for job seekers and employers as well as drive additional web traffic.

Through our marketing strategy and execution, we were able to help MomUp:

  • Spread awareness of their clients’ open positions proactively, leading to filling the positions more quickly
  • Build a community who aligned with their advocacy work to address issues of paid leave, child care, and the wage gap
  • Incorporate storytelling into their content to showcase the value they’ve been able to provide to both job seekers and employers

As a company with a clearly-defined mission and process, MomUp’s creative and human-driven approach to marketing immediately attracts their audience’s attention and drives awareness for their services.

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