7 Methods to Include in Your Recruiting Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy as a recruiting firm involves a unique approach due to having two target markets to reach: potential candidates for your clients’ open positions and companies who are looking to fulfill their hiring needs. It’s crucial to ensure that your strategy engages both groups because you can’t have candidates without jobs to fill, and you can’t have jobs to fill without candidates to interview – the two equally rely on one another.

If you’re looking to enhance your marketing strategy to attract the right individuals and organizations, follow this guide that shares seven components that are a must for recruiting firms.

Know What Differentiates You From Other Firms

Just like every other company, it’s vital to know what sets you apart from other recruiting agencies because that will be one of the biggest factors that influences a candidate to join your network or an employer to hire you for their recruiting needs. Your differentiator may include one, or more, of the following:

  • Specializing in working in a specific industry.
  • Working primarily with women, BIPOC, and other underrepresented groups.
  • Helping fill contract and / or part-time positions rather than full-time.
  • Catering to a certain location.

And more. Once you understand what makes you different, it’s crucial to consistently incorporate that into your marketing strategy. Your audience will ask themselves the question, “Why should I choose this recruiting firm rather than another?” so it’s important to make it obvious why they should work with you. You can include this content on the about page on your website, in your social media posts, and through blogs and newsletters. Be sure to work this piece into your pitch, too!

It’s also important to note that your differentiator may evolve throughout time, and that’s okay. As you really understand who you can serve best, your unique selling proposition may change.

Highlight Case Studies and Testimonials

When a person or organization engages a recruiting firm, they want to know that they’re going to land a job or they’re going to find their next employee. That’s why highlighting case studies and testimonials from happy candidates and employers can do a lot for building your credibility.

In case studies for candidates, you can hone in on:

  • Problems candidates had before they worked with you and how you helped solve them
  • Industries where you’ve placed candidates
  • Roles you’ve helped candidates land and anything noteworthy about the roles, such as salary and benefits

In case studies for employers, you can explain:

  • Problems employers had before they worked with you and how you helped solve them
  • Industries you specialize in
  • Types of candidates you’ve placed for these companies, in terms of their experience

These testimonials and case studies can often act as “social proof” for your work and prove why you’re the right agency for your audience’s needs. Place these studies on your website and share them on social media and with potential candidates and employers when speaking with them.

Promote Open Positions

Promoting your clients’ open positions is beneficial for both employers and candidates. Your clients want to know that you’re doing everything in your power to fulfill their open positions, and promoting them online is one way to do that. You can accomplish that by:

  • Publishing social media posts every time a new position arrives
  • Sending weekly newsletters to include all open positions
  • Placing the positions on your website
  • Reaching out to your network about the positions and asking them to share with anyone who may be a good fit

Additionally, promoting open positions is beneficial for candidates because if a professional is considering working with you to help them find their next role, and they see that you’ve shared a position that they’re interested in, it can help to attract the right candidates. The more you share, the more likely you are to fill that role!

Introduce Your Team Members

If you have a whole team of recruiters who work with you, be sure to introduce them to your audience to build the know / like / trust factor. Why is this important for both candidates and employers?

  • Candidates want to feel comfortable with the recruiter they’re working with and ensure their best interests are prioritized.
  • Employers want to feel confident that the recruiter they’re working with will be successful in finding their next employee.

Humanizing a brand is important now more than ever, and introducing the people who make up your company is one way to do that, especially because you can get creative with it. You could encourage them to share their:

  • Number of years they have under their belt as a recruiter
  • Favorite industries to work with
  • Best hiring and job search tips
  • Favorite hobbies and activities outside of work

Sharing these bios will help to resonate with your audience and the people you’re trying to reach.

Give Recruiting and Job Search Tips

Do you want to position yourself as the expert you are? Sharing both recruiting and job search tips is one of the best ways to do that. You can come up with a list of those ideas by thinking about the questions that people often ask you and the problems that you help them solve.

Example recruiting tips may include:

  • Why you should work with a recruiter as an employer
  • How to find the right candidates
  • Tips for successfully conducting an interview

On the other hand, you can take those exact tips for companies and flip the topics a bit to resonate with candidates:

  • Why you should work with a recruiter as a candidate
  • How to find the right employer
  • Tips for successfully interviewing for a position

Educating your audience about your industry will establish thought leadership and prove to them that you’re an expert in your field.

Share Statistics About the Workforce

Are you looking for ways to better serve employers and candidates? Share statistics about the workforce to give your audience an understanding of trends that are happening, which will help them to prepare better for hiring new employees or landing a new job.

A few resources to reference and share include:

You could also search for resources that are specific to the state you primarily work in to provide additional statistics that are more catered to your audience.

Feature Your Candidates and Clients

If you want to get your candidates excited about companies they could potentially work for and your clients about candidates that could potentially become their new employees, feature them! One of the best ways to attract new candidates in your network is showcasing the sought-after companies that you work with. Companies also want to know that you have high-quality job seekers in your circle, and showing off these individuals is one way to do that.

You can share information in these introductions similar to what you should share for your team member introductions:

  • Number of years they have in their industry or with their company
  • What they’re looking for in a role or an employee
  • Favorite hobbies and activities outside of work

Doing this will make candidates say, “I HAVE to work for that company!” and will make employers say, “I HAVE to hire them!” What could be better than showing off the great people you work with?

If you’re ready to develop a marketing strategy for your recruiting firm and want to ensure success, we’re here to help. Request a consultation to chat with us!

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