4 Ways to Incorporate International Women’s Day into Your Marketing

If you’re a woman-owned, woman-operated, and / or woman-led company, highlighting that accomplishment is important every day of the year, but it’s especially important to showcase it on International Women’s Day. Rather than share something generic that doesn’t quite encompass everything your company stands for, what type of content can you share on International Women’s Day?

Check out our suggestions below.

Highlight Your Female Team Members

You know what they say… if you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em! Introduce your female team members through your blog, a video, a newsletter, a social media post, or even a combination of any of those. You can do something simple, like discussing their role at the company, or do something fun by sharing their favorite female-focused things.

Share Powerful Quotes by Prominent Women

Are there women in the world that you truly admire and look up to, famous or not? Creating a fun carousel post with various graphics of quotes by them is a great way to showcase people and beliefs that are important to you and your company. Plus, these quotes will be easy for other people to share on social media, helping you to get more visibility!

Tell Your Company Story

If your company was started by a woman, tell that story! Share what brought her into starting the company, highlight prominent events and accomplishments throughout the years, and give interesting facts and details that might not be totally obvious when looking through your website.

Feature Female Vendors You Work With

Does your company have vendors who are other companies or organizations that are female-owned, led, and / or operated? Give them some visibility! It’s always important to support other women, and this idea will allow them and their company to get seen in front of your audience.

Whatever you decide to do for this day, get fun with it! People love seeing the humans behind the company, so find ways to showcase the people in your organization who make the day-to-day magic happen.

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