3 Reasons Why an External Marketing Agency Benefits an Internal Marketing Team

Truth: just because you have an internal marketing team doesn’t mean that they have to do it all or you can’t bring in external support. In fact, some of our favorite clients to work with are the bigger companies who have an established team but need to bring in outside experts.

If you have been wondering if hiring an agency to work with your staff is the right move for you, keep reading to find out why it’s beneficial.

Relieve Your Staff’s Workload

When your marketing team has a million and one things to focus on, it can be difficult to get everything done and prioritize the most important items, especially when you don’t have enough resources available. It’s also important, of course, to ensure your staff has a proper work / life balance, which can’t exactly be achieved when they feel like as soon as they cross one item off their to-do list, three more items appear.

By bringing in an outside agency, you’re able to delegate tasks from your team to the agency, therefore relieving their workload, decreasing their stress, and increasing their quality of work. Plus, being able to get something off your plate and know that someone else is going to do it instead brings a sigh of relief.

Leverage Outside Specialities and Expertise

Not everyone can be an expert in everything, and that’s okay! In fact, it’s actually better to have team members who are amazing in two or three areas rather than team members who can do a bunch of things but don’t exactly excel in them.

Do an audit of the areas where your team might not have a lot of knowledge on the subjects, and use that info to guide you when determining which tasks you’re going to hire an outside agency for. You’ll be able to identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses and ensure that they’re only focusing on the tasks that they enjoy while bringing in someone else who can handle the rest.

Reserve Your Time for Business Growth and Development

Why spend your time doing something that you’re not good at, don’t need to do, or simply don’t like doing when you can spend your time developing, growing, and scaling the company instead? That’s exactly why bringing in an outside source is key.

Instead of taking your time away from the tasks that propel the company forward, hire someone else who can take over the tasks that shouldn’t be on your plate and instead focus more of your time on the projects that are allowing for growth.

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