How I Use Google Drive For My Business

If you aren’t using Google Drive for your business yet, you need to start using it now! Google Drive, in my opinion, is one of the best free tools you can use to organize your business operations. It comes with free 15 GB of storage, but if you end up needing more than that, there’s a relatively small monthly fee.

I use Google Drive for everything. Seriously. I used to be a Microsoft Office kind of gal, but once I really got into Drive, I never turned back! If you’re wondering how you can use Drive for your business, see how I use it for mine.

Organizing clients.
I have so many different projects going on at once that I need to make sure that I keep everything organized. I created separate folders for each client that I have (as well as one for my own business and the mastermind group I’m in) so that when I need to find a certain document, I don’t have to search through every single document I’ve ever created; I can just look in the right folder. Plus, you can even have folders within folders within folders… it’s AMAZING!

Creating spreadsheets.
I. Love. Spreadsheets. And I use a spreadsheet for just about everything – my social media content calendar, my blog content calendar, my income report, and more. They’re better than regular document in certain situations, such as when you need to do anything mathematical, like my income report, or when you need information laid out in a table.

I used to carry a notebook around with me everywhere. Whenever inspiration struck for anything related to my business, I would jot it down. However, because I have the Notes app on my iPhone, I rarely carry a notebook with me because I can just type my idea in there. When I’m at my computer, I like to write down ideas in Drive. It’s especially helpful if I need to include links. Plus, I can create a separate document for each idea type!

If you’re not currently using Drive, have I convinced you to use it yet?! If you’re already using Drive, what are your favorite ways to use it?


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