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When building an online presence for your business, two words should come to mind: SOCIAL MEDIA.

You know that social media needs to be a key player in your marketing strategy, but you’re left with two problems:


You don’t have the time to manage it yourself


You don’t want to manage it yourself.

We get it — doing social media right is time-consuming, and with the million different hats that you wear as a business owner, there’s just no time to wear the “social media manager” hat, too.

That’s where we step in.


As our most sought-after service, through social media management, we take care of everything you need to do to have an optimized, engaged, and consistent online presence — without needing you to be involved.

Sounds dreamy, right?

Here’s a breakdown of what we deliver…


A customized social media strategy that outlines the approach we’ll take to your accounts moving forward. Through this strategy, we analyze your competitors and your industry’s landscape, plan your content approach, identify growth outlets, audit your current strategy, and set goals that we’ll work to achieve. We develop this referencing a client intake questionnaire that you complete and supplementing your answers with our own thoughts, research, and ideas.


Monthly content calendars written in advance and shared with you prior to scheduling so that you not only understand what will be posted and when but also ensure everything is approved before ever getting pushed live.


Community management to respond to all comments and messages left on your accounts to continue to cultivate relationships with your followers.


Organic growth strategy think: hashtag research, engaging with relevant accounts on Instagram, interacting in targeted Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and more) to ensure that your accounts grow with the right audience.


Monthly analytics report to showcase the growth of your accounts, highlight your top performing posts and why they performed so well, and outline a strategy of what we’ll do moving forward to continue on the upward trajectory that we’re on

Think of us as your in-house marketing team that can oversee all of your social media platforms to provide consistent, cohesive, quality content.

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