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You may be hearing from EVERYONE and their mother, “You
NEED to be on social media for your business.”

And the truth is… they’re not wrong.

In fact, when wanting to build an online presence for your business, two words should come to mind: social media.

You actually know you need to be utilizing social media, but you’re facing one (or two) problems with this…

You don’t have the time to manage it yourself.

You aren’t sure how to effectively use the platforms.

But it actually goes MUCH deeper than that.
One (or more) of these apply...

You spend your time wearing a million different hats in your business that social media is often the task that falls to the bottom of the to-do list.

You sit down at your computer to start writing content but then realize you don’t actually know what you want to say - or HOW you want to say it.

You try to post consistently, but you feel as though your audience isn’t picking up what you’re putting down.

That’s where we step in. By working with us, you’ll be
able to experience what we call “the three Fs.”

Focus more time on the tasks that are making you money.

Forget about trying to brainstorm brilliant content all the time.

Finetune your content strategy through our suggestions.


With our Social Media Management service, we work directly with you to create and post content that resonates with your target market, provides value by showing HOW you can solve the problems your ideal customer faces, and establishes relationships that build a solid network of prospects.

We like to describe this service as “all-inclusive” - meaning we completely manage your marketing efforts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that you don’t have to worry about popping in and doing anything yourself.

Talk about freaking amazing
AND convenient, right?

This package includes detailed deliverables, such as…


A customized social media strategy outlining the direction we’ll go with your social media account(s). This strategy will cover content ideas, competitor analysis, social media goals, and more. We create this using a client intake questionnaire that you complete and supplementing your answers with our own thoughts, research, and ideas.


Monthly content calendars written in advance and shared with you prior to posting so that you are able to see what exactly will be posted and when - and you can make edits as you see fit.


Community management to respond to all comments and messages left on the account(s) to continue to cultivate relationships with your followers.


Organic growth strategy (think: hashtag research, organic engagement, and more) to ensure that your account(s) grow with targeted followers continuously.


Biweekly or monthly phone calls to discuss content ideas, share account progress, and more.


Monthly analytics reports to summarize the growth the account(s) received, point out any noticeable trends, and list steps we can take moving forward to continue to grow.

Think of us as your in-house marketing team that can
oversee all of your social media platforms to provide
consistent, cohesive, quality content.

Ready to learn more about how
this service can support your

Schedule a free consultation and
we’ll chat soon.

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