Do you want more website traffic? There is one word
for you that can absolutely make that happen: Pinterest.

By bringing people onto your website, they are able to…

Learn more about you, your business, and how you can support them

Discover the value that you provide by reading your blog posts - and therefore viewing you as credible

Become familiar with your products / services and know that in order to solve the problems they face, YOU are the missing puzzle piece

All of these perks work toward what should be your ultimate goal: increasing leads and closing those sales!

But you may be thinking a few things…

“Pinterest can’t work for my business because I’m not in the wedding, food, or fitness industry.”

“The platform is all about the visuals and I don’t have the best photos.”

“It’s hard to think about Pinterest as a tool for business growth when I think about using it for fun.”

Dash of Social - Pinterest Management

Well, let’s discuss one thing - it’s time to stop thinking about Pinterest as a fun tool to save recipes you *might* make one day, plan your dream wedding, and organize your ideal closet and start thinking about Pinterest as a necessary tool to grow your business.

Recognize Pinterest for exactly what it is: a traffic-driving MACHINE. And we’re here to help you get that machine oiled and ready to go.

Through our Pinterest strategy program, you’ll receive…


Up to 30 pins per day to ensure that your account is consistently sharing quality content.


Weekly peeks at Pinterest analytics to see what types of content are resonating with your audience the most.


New group boards added to your account each month to help your content reach much larger, targeted audiences.


End of month reports to outline the growth your account experienced and provide steps we can take moving forward to duplicate that growth.

Thinking about going the extra mile?

We also offer Pinterest Account Makeovers, Tailwind Tribes Management, and Custom Images. Just ask us!

Interested in seeing
how Pinterest can work
for your business?

Schedule a free consultation
to discuss how we can help
take your Pinterest
account to the next level.

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