Want to know one of the easiest ways to drive quality leads back
to your website? Write quality blog posts and newsletters.

Easy enough, right?

Because when you write content that overflows with value, provides a solution to a problem your target market faces, and positions yourself as an expert, people will want to stay on your website longer. And when they want to stay on your website longer, that leads to them reading your about page, sifting through your services, buying something, or perhaps even contacting you from your contact page…

And it all started because you lured them in with a fantastic post or email.

Dash of Social - Content Marketing

So why not write more? Ah - that’s right - there are two reasons…

You don’t have the time to write.


You don’t feel as though you’re a good writer.

We understand both of those issues, which is why we’re here to craft blog posts and newsletters that not only sound like your company’s voice but also touch upon important, trending topics in your industry.

With our blogging and newsletter retainer, you receive…


Questionnaire to ask important information about your target market, business, services / products, and more


A 30-minute phone call to brainstorm topics and choose which one(s) you’d like to focus on


Research on an as-needed basis, depending on the topic


Pre-written social media posts for the blog that you can take and use on any of your social media accounts


Two blog posts and two emails per month (note: newsletter branding & design is an additional service)

Interested in learning more about this?

Get in touch with us by scheduling
a free consultation call so we can learn
more about you and your business.

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