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Increased Instagram followers by 73% and her Facebook page likes by 59% in just 3 months

By monitoring the performance of our posts, engaging consistently with users that fall within her ideal audience, and leveraging Facebook groups, Melanie has been able to spread awareness of her offerings and drive interest of individuals throughout Massachusetts.


Melanie Davis is an intuitive medium based just south of Boston who has been professionally reading for almost ten years but has held these capabilities since she was in her twenties.

Practicing evidential mediumship and offering intuitive readings, Melanie is able to do private sessions, private parties, group readings, and corporate events. Through her work, she helps clients find comfort, get answers, and communicate with loved ones who’ve crossed over.


Although Melanie enjoys working with clients privately, she wanted to increase the exposure for her signature group event, “Spirits We Talk With.” Hosted in various venues throughout Massachusetts, this group mediumship event seats approximately 50 people and allows attendees to have the potential to connect with their loved ones in intimate and comfortable settings.

Additionally, Melanie struggled with receiving social media followers who were other practitioners within her industry rather than individuals who were a part of her target market–and changing that was crucial for increasing attendance to her group events.


As Melanie continued to secure multiple venues for hosting her “Spirits We Talk With” events, she knew she needed to optimize and leverage her online presence through both Facebook and Instagram to reach a much wider audience for filling these spaces.

She signed on with Dash of Social to focus on consistently posting quality content to these platforms and growing them exponentially. We set out to reach these three goals:

  • Positioning Melanie as an expert within the space for those who are looking to connect with loved ones who have passed
  • Attracting and securing attendees for multiple “Spirits We Talk With” events
  • Reaching and engaging target clients throughout Massachusetts for awareness and conversion

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